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41911 Hallmark Ceramic Satin Sheen

The Hallmark Line of Ceramic Paints represents RepcoLite's ability to bring outstanding performance, ease of application and excellent value to this premium paint.  This enamel incorporates ceramic microspheres with a 100% Acrylic resin to provide a durable, stain resistant and washable finish on interior surfaces and a highly weather resistant and color retentive protective coating on exterior surfaces.  It has very good wet and dry adhesion to most clean, paintable surfaces.  The absence of solvents reduces environmental and human health risks.  This product is not intended to be used in corrosive atmospheres or for immersion service.  It should be used on properly primed surfaces and should not be considered to be self-priming.


FeaturesHallmark Satin Sheet Image

  • Excellent durability
  • Excellent washability
  • Great adhesion to most clean, paintable surfaces
  • Low odor
  • Easy application
  • Water clean up
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant


  • White
  • All RepcoLite Soft Whites
  • All Color Folio and Color Studio colors

USE:  Interior/Exterior

GLOSS:  Satin Sheen

CLEAN UP:  Water


Click Here for Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Click The Link Below for Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS):

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