Down the Rabbit Hole–Color and Design 2022

A beautifully decorated home is within the reach of all of us . . . we may just need a little boost in the creative department!

Creativity isn’t just for artsy types amongst us. Creativity is for everyone because creativity is New Ideas. It’s innovation. It’s inspiration…. It’s fresh air.

No matter who you are or what you do . . . creativity can make your life happier, better, more fulfilling, and just BIGGER and more interesting. 

So, creativity is important. But that doesn’t mean being creative is easy! Tonight we’ll draw inspiration from the writings and work of creative pioneers Frank Gehry, David Lynch, Elizabeth Gilbert and more as we learn what it takes to regain, reenvision, and re-ignite our creativity!

The evening will focus on color trends, creative design, stretching outside our comfort zones, and learning how to deal with the constraints and obstacles that are a part of every project! 

Tickets are $10 and EACH attendee will receive a $10 RepcoLite Gift Certificate!