Let us Match Your Color!

We've Been Matching Paint Colors for Over 70 Years! You Can Trust Us With Yours...

Don't Settle for "Almost"

color_matching_1At RepcoLite, we never want you to settle for a color that's almost the color you want. We want to send you on your way with the exact color you had envisioned. Working with color all day, every day for more than seventy years, we understand how important the right color is to our customers.

So don't settle for something close. Don't settle for almost. If you can't find your color in our color displays, then bring in a sample. And by "sample", we mean "whatever you can bring into the store."

Bring us your couch cushions, your table cloths, your plastic fruit, that vase your grandma gave you when you were a little girl, or the flowers outside your front door. We'll take that sample and will turn it into paint that will perfectly blend into your color scheme.

Rely on the Experts

Now, a lot of paint stores offer color matching. And a great many of them boast that they use computers to achieve those matches. Well, not to burst their bubble, but computer matches usually are only about 75-85% accurate. And they only work on things that the computer can scan--so that rules out your flowers, your grandma's vase . . . and pretty much anything that's not flat and at least as big as a quarter.

At RepcoLite, we refer to our color-matching system as "Computer-Aided." Sure, we generally start with the same computer technology the other places use. But once we get a good start, we rely on the trained eyes of our Color Matching Experts to adjust the color until it is exactly where you want it to be. No computer is going to get you that close. And neither is your average paint store.

Red OrchidFind Your Color at RepcoLite

Finding the perfect color can be a journey. Sometimes you find it in the paint store, and sometimes you find it in your garden. Or in a painting. Or in a photo in a magazine.

Wherever you find your inspiration, remember: at RepcoLite, we can turn that inspiration into paint. Don't settle for a color chip that's almost right. Come to RepcoLite and get exactly what you're looking for!