Defy Extreme: The Proof It Works

defy_samplesLast time I wrote about DEFY Extreme Deck Stain.  It’s available in several colors, but the main thing I was writing about last time was the fact that it comes in a clear.

Now, for many folks who’ve never worked with a clear, that’s no big deal.  But if you’ve ever put a clear wood protector down on your deck, you know what you usually get out of it:  typically about 6 months before it starts to look terrible.

Well, DEFY’s Extreme Clear product makes use of Nano-Technology to put, in your hands, a clear wood protector that WILL resist the harmful UV rays from the sun.  See, as we wrote last time, most of your typical deck protectors that color the wood contain UV inhibitors.  They block the harmful rays and keep your deck looking better for longer.  Clear protectors, however, don’t possess these blockers.  The sun’s rays just beat right through the coating and damage the wood.

The above picture is a perfect example.  The center squares on all of those sample boards were coated with a clear wood protector from a number of different companies.  They were then left outside to weather for about six months.  All of the boards except the DEFY board–no matter what the brand–show significant evidence of product failure and wood damage.  Only the DEFY product looks virtually unchanged.

So think about it and be aware:  if you’re interested in a clear deck coating, don’t get suckered by great advertising and slick commercials.  The best solution for your deck–the one that will give you the longest amount of time between maintenance coats–is DEFY’s Extreme.  Check it out!

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