EP101: Wet Basements, Roller Covers, and Coolest Tool Belt System

Segment 1: Wet Basements

Now, spring is right around the corner and we’re just coming off a VERY soggy week. It seems like a great time to talk about wet basements. We highlight what to do prepare for when or if your basement gets wet. And if you want to buy a portable submersible pump just in case you DO end up with water, this one has great reviews and is under $50 on Amazon!

Segments 2 & 3: Roller Covers

So roller covers….not always the most exciting paint tool but certainly one of the most important. And getting the right cover and a quality cover can actually make or break a painting experience. Now, because roller covers are so important, we decided to chat with an expert about some of the great covers that are available. Larry Schwartz, National Sales Manager for the  Wooster Brush Company. It’s a great interview and much hilarity ensues. It’s a miracle we stayed on track at all!

Segment 4: ToughBuilt Tool Belt System

To say we were excited about this product is a massive understatement. Our original plan was to do this segment about tool belts in general. We thought we’d review a few and then talk about what tools to put in them. All was going swimmingly until we happened upon the ToughBuilt Tool Belt System with ClipTech Technology. These are some of the most versatile tool belts we’ve ever seen! Simple to use but so many possibilities and configurations. There is a good chance it will actually solve a number of tool dilemmas with just one system. It’s totally worth checking out!

Listen here:

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