EP119: Paint For Front Doors, Home Buyers Need to Know, Types of Tile, and Quick Clean Tips


Segment 1: Paint For Front Doors

Nothing adds curb appeal like a great looking front door. And when it comes to front door paint, choosing the right one can make or break the project. No one wants their new paint to peel off in a couple weeks.

Benjamin Moore has a great new front door paint called Aura Grand Entrance. It comes in a satin or high gloss and can be made in any color. And because it’s Aura, it covers like a dream.

Next week we’ll talk about how to choose a front door color and the right way to paint it.

Segments 2: Home Buyers Need to Know

We’ve been hearing for a while now that there is a shortage of homes on the market. If you are a seller, that’s great! It means more for your home. If you are a buyer, it’s less great. It means you could wind up paying more than the asking price.

Sue Prins and Ginger Herman of Sue Prins Five Star Real Estate give us some things we need to know if we plan to buy a house.

Segment 3: Types of Tile

Choosing tile can be a bit confusing. Some tile can only be used in certain areas. And there are things to consider…like in floor heating….so toasty! To help us make a better choice, Nick Sargent from Johnson Carpet One drop by to walk us through the options.

Segment 4: Quick Clean Tips

Big furry dogs mean big furry messes. And when the big furry dog is a Saint Bernard, that means there’s also the drool factor.

Betsy has learned a few tricks to deal with these problems.

  1. Vinegar and Dawn dish soap in a pump up wallpaper sprayer
  2. Seam Ripper to get rid of hair wrapped around brush roller (I use the more expensive, heavy duty one)
  3. Clean your vacuum filter!! It will make your vacuum run like new!
  4. Credit card or gift card as a scraper to remove dried on drool from windows and glass. According to Dan it also works on car windows
  5. Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover works like a DREAM in the car! No more dog hair stuck in the carpet!


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  1. Laughed to hear my name called out this morning.
    Can BM Grand Entrance be worked up in any BM color? I’m working with Al and Jeremy Wiersema and am thinking of Orange Spice or the like.
    I’m working on that front door and am playing with your idea (Betsy) of ‘other pops of accent color’ to enhance the front door color.
    I’m working with Mike Heys from Heys Fabrication to have a pipe railing added down those treacherous stone stairs and am hoping I can have it ‘painted’ in the same color as the front door.
    Also am playing with the garage door—may I stop in to show you my markups sometime?
    Still considering the mailbox too.
    Would love to meet and chat with you for a few minutes.

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