EP121: Color Consultation, Removing Wallpaper With a Pro, Insulation, and Psychology of Clutter


Segment 1: Color Consultation Review

Betsy recently did a color consultation and that led to a conversation about how we tend to get an idea in our heads and don’t stop to think about other options. There’s a lot to be learned!

Segment 2: Removing Wallpaper With a Pro!

We’ve heard the horror stories when it comes to removing wallpaper. The dime sized pieces that take weeks to peel off. So we’ve invited Dan Schipper of Skip’s Painting to give us some secrets that will have the paper coming down in big sheets and will leave you with great satisfaction.

Segment 3: Insulation

Don’t tune out just yet. We’re going to talk about insulation with George Clark from WMGB Home Improvement because you don’t want to wait until snow flies. And even if you THINK you need insulation, you may be surprised to find that might not be the case.

Segment 4: Psychology of  Clutter

How many of us , at some point, haven’t looked around our home and seen clutter. We don’t seem to know how or where we’ve collected it. It just shows up! And then we see shows or magazines where everything is perfectly organized. But we think there’s no way we can ever get to that point.

The first step is to understand WHY we have the clutter. We’re digging into the psychology of clutter and why we collect the things we do.


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