EP137: Lessons from a Rare Bird, Iris Apfel and High Dollar Toilets



Segment 1: High Dollar Toilets

Something is going on! There is suddenly in influx of stories about toilets and toilet paper. Who needs a roll of toilet paper that lasts a month? Is that a wise thing to have if you have young kids? Also, did you know there’s a toilet encrusted with Swarovski Crystals AND that the most expensive toilet at a cost of $19 Million is on the International Space Station.

Segments 2-4: Lessons from a Rare Bird, Iris Apfel

Our Turn Design On Its Head event is finally over. But we couldn’t help feel that what we learned should be shared with the masses. So today, we dive into the lessons that can be learned from a Rare Bird, a Geriatric Starlet, and an all around inspiration, Iris Apfel.




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