EP15 – July 15, 2017: An Inexpensive Fix for Wet Basements

  • Lighting and Paint Colors with Beth Maguire from Benjamin Moore
  • Back to School Supplies — Home Improvement Edition!
  • Waterblock: An Inexpensive Fix for Wet Basements
  • New Tech for Greener Lawns with Grapids Irrigation

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Show notes for episode 015:

Have you ever picked a color that seemed perfect while you were in the paint store, only to get it home and find it was totally wrong?! You are not alone! Lighting, and the absence of lighting, plays a big part in how we perceive color. Beth Maguire from Benjamin Moore walks us through things that will help us pick the perfect color every time.   Beth Maguire, Architectural & Design Representative with Benjamin Moore, has a passionate approach to color and design. While working as the showroom manager for Benjamin Moore's Designer Showroom at the Merchandise Mart, She was able to share her knowledge and passion for color with the design community for 5 years. Beth holds an accredited degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois Chiacago, and has over 15 years' experience doing retail design and marketing for several companies. In her 12 years with Benjamin Moore, Beth has worked on both the retail design side of the business, as well as with the Architect & Designer segments, delivering trend, color, and coatings presentations to designers, architects and students.  
  It's almost that time of year kids hate to think about....back-to-school! But for college students, it is a chance to escape from mom and dad to freedom. It's a time for them to make all kinds of new friends. And we've got a way to help. If you have kids going off to college, arm them with the right tools....literally!
A lot of people deal with wet  or damp basements. And the problem is even worse after a heavy rain or in spring when snow melts. More often than not, the dampness is accompanied by a less-than-pleasant musty smell. What most people don't know, is there's a paint that can be put on bare concrete or block that will drastically reduce, if not eliminate, the moisture that occurs in basements. And you'll be surprised at how little it costs to do! It's a great first step toward a dry, odor free basement.
Green lawns are something we all strive for. A sprinkler system may help. But for those with an older system, it can be very complicated. Aaron Katerberg from Grapids Irrigation joins us in the studio once again. This time he tells us all about the newest technology in sprinkler systems. The best news is, many things can be retrofitted to older systems.
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