EP153: Seeing The World (From Home), Tools Explained, What To Do In A Roof Emergency, Quick Projects for the Self-Quarantined


Segment 1: Seeing the World, Without Leaving Home

There are literally thousands of websites that have opened up the world to those of us isolated at home! Many of them are subscription based sites that have lifted their restrictions and are allowing free access. Betsy goes through just a few of them. Below, we've got our choices for some of the best locations to check out!

Segment 2: Tools Explained

Tools make our lives so much easier! But, from time to time (and sometimes more often), our use of them backfires! Here's a great article that highlights the humor/pain we all experience at least once in a while when we pick up that pliers or swing that hammer!

Segment 3: Dealing With Roof Emergencies

We sit down with Matt Williams and Jake Harmon from Sherriff Goslin Roofing to talk about what you need to do in a roof emergency! There's a lot of great info in the interview, but here are the details. If a tree falls on your roof (or something along those lines), here's what you need to do in the first 20 minutes:

  • Immediately call your insurance agent and let him/her know what happened.
  • Contact a professional company
    • Tree Removal
    • Roof Companies
    • Tarping Companies
  • Get someone on site to help you walk through the insurance claim

Check out the interview for more info!

If you have more questions for the experts from Sherriff Goslin, they'd love to talk to you: 231-798-7783. Or you can go to sherriffgoslinmuskegon.com

Segment 4: Quick Projects for the Self-Isolated!

We're living in crazy times and we don't know exactly how everything will shake out or when. But right now, lots of us are finally getting around to the projects that have piled up in our homes over the last few years. Here are a few of our favorites!


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