EP187: Car Storage Tips and Tricks

SEGMENT 1: The Perfect Bathroom Ceiling Paint

A great question came in from our online chat and it was this: What’s the best paint for my bathroom ceiling? Well, since the best ceiling paints are typical flat . . . and since the worst paint you can typically put in a bathroom is a flat . . . is there a good answer? Turns out, thanks to Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa, there is! It’s not dead flat, but it’s a perfect bathroom paint in a matte finish. You can’t go wrong!

SEGMENT 2: Vehicle Storage Tips

If you put your vehicle away for the winter, or are planning on doing that soon, here are some ideas you’ll want to keep in mind!

SEGMENT 3: Wax-Free Friction Polish

After last week’s segment about clear wood coatings, we received a number of questions from wood shops wondering about friction polishes

Friction polishes are used by wood turners to apply a quick and easy seal-coat or finish to their turned pieces. But, typically, friction polishes contain wax. And that wax means that the friction polish itself (or maybe a shellac) is the only thing that can ever be used on the piece as a topcoat. And neither of those offer great durability.

SEGMENT 4: Holiday Get Together Ideas

Who knows what everyone is going to be doing to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s this year . . . but if you’re not doing as much “family gathering”, here are a few simple ideas to help make sure you can all still stay in touch!

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