EP197: From Hex Signs to Barn Quilts

SEGMENT 1: Welcome Hailey!

We’re excited to introduce Hailey Johnson, jack-of-all-trades and now, pre-famous radio personality. Hailey’s got a background in everything from Art to Paint. And while that may not sound terribly all-encompassing . . . Hailey will assure you that it is.

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: From Hex Signs to Barn Quilts

Hex signs have a long, fascinating, and often misunderstood history. We dig into the tradition of barn decorating and the pitfalls of translation.


SEGMENT 4: Electronic Door Locks

Here’s a quick, 30-minute upgrade for your homes: install a keyless, electronic door lock! For anywhere from $50 to $300 you could go keyless on the main door of your home. It’s an incredibly convenient upgrade, easy to accomplish, and not too expensive. It might be the perfect Saturday project….

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