EP215: Finding Color Inspiration, Egress Windows, Fixing Those Fences

SEGMENT 1: Welsummer

Hailey launches the new Instagram Color Palette for June and discusses the inspiration behind it: a previous customer who chose her entire color scheme for her home based on the varied colors of eggs in her chicken coop! In the segment, we discuss the importance of looking everywhere for inspiration when it comes to paint colors.

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: Egress Windows

We are joined by Zach Kreiger from Ayers Basement Systems to discuss the value of Egress Windows. Zach runs through everything we should be considering if we are debating installing an egress window.

SEGMENT 4: The Ugly Side of Fences

In this segment we address old, grayed, and weathered fences. They can detract from the look of your property and there really are some great stain and sealer options out there that will help you improve their appearance. Also, even if the wood is cedar or pressure treated pine, a sealer or stain will protect it and help it last much longer!

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