EP32 – November 11, 2017: Getting Ready For the Holidays, Fall Projects: Part 2, Oil-Based Paint Q&A, Snow Tools and Gear


Today’s episode is largely about getting you ready for the holidays and that dreaded four-letter “s” word…..snow! We have some projects that you should be getting done BEFORE snow comes to stay and some gear to keep you warm once it does. We’ve also got some Dan and Betsy “tested and approved” snow tools that will make life a whole lot easier when the white stuff piles up!

Listen here:

Show notes for episode 032:

We are aware that the holiday season begins very soon. So it baffles us why so many blogs, decorating magazines, and paint companies encourage you to paint your whole house now, BEFORE your holiday guests start arriving. Isn't there enough stress already?!

We pondered this concept and came up with what we think is a great compromise. It will have your house looking great, without a ton of expense, time, or stress. And if you ARE thinking of putting a little paint on the walls before the holidays, you might want to check out Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color Trends, as well as their "holiday ready" 2018 Color of the Year, Caliente AF-290!

A couple weeks ago, we had a list of Fall Projects that we thought it was important to get done while the weather was still nice and a bit warmer. Now, with the temperatures dropping like a lead balloon, we have the second part of the list that should be done BEFORE snow moves in for the winter!

Let's suppose you have an old house or a really cool, old piece of furniture. You want to paint but then it dawns on you that the surface you want to paint over just might be oil-based paint. You groan, completely convinced that you are going to have to deal with that slow drying, hard to clean up paint. But do you?

We hear it all the time. People are convinced they can't paint over oil with latex. We talk about this and how to find out if it really IS oil, or if you are having a panic moment for no reason at all.

And if you are concerned that the oil paint in your home may have lead, you can check out great information on the EPA's website.

It's time to face the facts. We live in Michigan. It's November. Snow is coming...soon! And we want our listeners to be ready with must-have, unusual, Betsy and Dan tested tools and gear. These things will help you get through winter with ease!

Here is our list!


Betsy's "Yooper Scooper"

Dan's Avalanche Roof Rake

Betsy chose this video because the excited guy yelling in German makes her laugh! And it shows how well the product works. Dan swears by this tool!

Snow Broom


Warmest Mittens Ever!

Stormy Kromer Hats

Betsy owns more than one of these and thinks everyone should have one!

The Rancher Cap

Northwoods Trapper

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