EP37 – December 16, 2017: Common Painting Mistakes, Holiday Fire Prevention, and Creative Wallpaper Ideas


It’s time for a reality check–Christmas is just over a week away. That means even more chaos and stress than usual. Are you thinking about ways to prevent a fire in your home and what to do if there IS one? Probably not. But you should be.

Many people think that Christmas trees start most house fires around the holidays. Surprisingly, that is not the case. The most common cause of house fires is something we do every day. But the good news is that it can be prevented if we just slow down and pay attention. We want to help keep your holidays merry by helping you stay safe.

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Show notes for episode 037:

Have you ever left of the lid off a paint can...then stepped on the lid? Have you ever chosen a color, only to paint the whole room and decide you can't stand the color? There are lots of very common painting mistakes that almost EVERYONE makes.

The good news is that they are all avoidable. We've got the mistakes AND the way to avoid them. You won't be spending extra time fixing mistakes or cleaning up messes. You can get straight to enjoying your work!

If you are like Betsy and have a real Christmas tree in your house, you may have some nagging concern that it will catch your house on fire. Most of us have seen the videos of this happening and in under a minute the entire room is engulfed in flames. But did you know that Christmas trees are not the most common source of fires? In fact, the thing that starts the most fires is something we ALL do. We were surprised at the most common cause.

Captain Chris Tinney of the Holland Fire Department stopped by to talk about fire hazards during the holidays. Some of the information really surprised us and caused us to take just a few extra minutes to pay attention to what we are doing. He also had some good advice about using a fire extinguisher.

Captain Tinney took just a few minutes to discuss the Kidde Fire Extinguisher recall. Most of the problems come from the nozzle clogging, detaching, or the unit not discharging at all. The recall involves almost 38 million units. It doesn't hurt to check your unit here to see if it has been recalled.

Ok, this is not your grandma's wallpaper! Gone are the days of totally country or tiny floral prints. Now we have beautiful colors, amazing geometrics, and fantastic metallics. Put those to use in some unusual ways. Get inspired. Get creative. Wallpaper can add personality to any project.

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board! And feel free to share photos of your wallpaper creations with us at radio@repcolite.com or on our Facebook page.  

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