EP39 – December 30, 2017: Paint Dilemmas, Kitchen Appliance Trends, Advancements in Paint


Paint dilemmas happen all the time! To pros and to DIYers. No matter how much experience we may have, we all make a mistake from time to time. Well, today we go over a number of those common mishaps and give you everything you need to know to avoid them!

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Show notes for Episode 039:

When we tackle a paint project there are often little mistakes we all make from time to time. Whether we're pros or whether we're new DIYers, these mistakes are easy to make! Today, we go through a list of some of the most common ones and talk about how to avoid them!

Today we're joined in the studio by Steve Rozema from Northgate Appliance. And our goal is to talk about some of the current trends in kitchen appliances. We'll cover everything from the most popular colors to the trendiest styles!

For our last segment today, we sit down with Jeff Mott the manager of our Lakewood Blvd. location. Jeff has been in the paint industry since childhood! His parents owned the Color House in Holland and, eventually, so did Jeff. Now he works for RepcoLite and we thought we'd tap his vast knowledge and years of experience to see what he thinks are some of the greatest advancements in the industry!

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