EP42 – January 20, 2018: Get the Lead Out, Ask RepcoLite, Tools You Can’t Cheap Out On, Painting Cabinets


Some episode are a lot of fun. Others are packed with information. This one is both! On episode 41 of the RepcoLite Home Improvement Show, we cover everything from important lead safe paint information to the hilarious (and informative) discussion about the benefits of bidets. It’s definitely an episode with something for everyone!

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Show notes for episode 042:

Statistics show that Grand Rapids is seeing an alarming jump in children with elevated lead levels and lead poisoning. This is a concern because lead poisoning can cause brain, liver, and heart damage. Some people assume the lead must be coming from water but, in actuality, it's coming from paint. Any home built before 1978  (the year lead paint was banned) is likely to have lead-based paint. Because this problem seems to be on the rise, we sat down with Paul Hann, Executive Director of the Healthy Homes Coalition to discuss some of the local lead concerns and what parents can do. We also discuss programs like the Michigan Lead Safe Home Program and Get the Lead Out! Grand Rapids that offer financial assistance for lead problems in homes. If you have lead concerns, you can call the Healthy Homes Coalition at (616) 241-3300 or contact them through their website.
We recently had a couple listeners ask questions that we are guessing other people may have as well. One listener has 40+ year old oil paint she wants to paint over. Another listener just bought a cottage and discovered the previous owner put wallpaper in the stall above the shower. Both listeners are looking for advice on the best way to deal with their situation. And, of course, we are happy to oblige!
We recently read an article in Popular Mechanics about tools you should never skimp on. And that got us thinking...we've done a lot of projects lately and having GOOD tools has made all the difference. Dan and Betsy both have the tendency to save a bit of money when it comes to buying tools. But, lesson learned! The screwdriver set you buy for $1 barely lasts through the first screw...and it was a set of 12!!
Dan and Betsy spent last weekend at the Remodeling and New Homes Show, talking to customers and listeners. What was amazing was almost EVERYONE had the same question: how do I paint my cabinets? For those who didn't hear the answer or didn't get a chance to ask the question, we'll tell you how to do it.
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