EP57 – May 5, 2018: Spring Exterior Painting, Gardening With Children, and Trash Heap Desk Revival


When we think of gardening, we think of things like container gardening, pest resistance gardening, and vegetable gardening. We don’t necessarily think of gardening with and for our kids. But why not?! It gets them interested at an early age and it gets them out in the fresh air. It will be something they look forward to every year. And they will be able to see the fruits of their labor.

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Show notes for episode 057:

This past week has been filled with BEAUTIFUL weather! It's been warm and sunny and we even got some much needed rain. Spring has finally graced us with its presence.

Because spring seems to be a little late this year, people are frantically working outside to get spring projects done. And often, those projects involve paint. We got a question from a listener wondering what the temperature needs to be for her to paint outside. Is it warm enough just because the calendar says May? Find out!

With the arrival of spring, many of use are thinking about planting flowers and vegetables. What we might not be thinking about is including our kids. It's a confidence boost when they see something they planted grow from a tiny seed into a great plant.

We are thrilled to have Ian Warnock, Lead Horticulturist from Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in the studio with us. Ian has worked at the Gardens for over 20 years and has spent much of his time designing and maintaining the Children's Gardens. He involves young visitors to the garden in as many ways as possible. He'll even let them mow the grass!

Photos courtesy of Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

How many of us watch those shows in TV or Netflix where people take a junk piece of furniture and turn it into something that everyone is clamoring to buy? How many of us want to be able to do that?

We like those shows as much as anyone, so we decided to try it. We learned a few lessons and have decided to share them. The effort was definitely worth it.







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