EP67: German Smear, WD-40, Roofing 101 with the Sheriff!

Today’s show highlights a project that we think has tremendous potential! So many of us have brick houses that look and feel a little dated. They’ve got that 70’s or 80’s brick and we just don’t know what to do to breathe new life into it. Well, if you’re an HGTV aficionado, you’ve probably heard of German Schmear (or Smear). It’s a great way to update that old brick. However, it’s a bit labor intensive. Well, we’ve got a contractor who just created the same look on a house with a much simpler method involving RepcoLite’s waterbased exterior stain! If you’re sick of the brick, we might have a project for you!

We also cover a number of unique uses for WD-4o. And then, in the last two segments, we sit down with Matt Williams from Sheriff-Goslin Roofing (a roofing company who has been around for 112 years) to discuss . . . of course . . . roofing. We talk about what signs will tell you when your roof needs replacement and we dig into lots of new roofing technology! Matt even gets a little “sciencey”!

Listen now:


Segment 1: German Schmear

We promised pictures and examples on the show and we intend to deliver! Check out the gallery below. The first gallery is taken from the job we mentioned in the segment. The second gallery is a link to our Pinterest page for examples from around the web!


German Schmear from our Pinterest Page

Segments 3 & 4: Sheriff-Goslin Roofing

In this segment, we interview Matt Williams. He is the manager of the Lakeshore division. If you’d like to get in touch with Matt, you can reach him at 616-392-3373.






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