EP69: RepcoLite is Born, Bugs Be Gone!, Betsy’s Toolbox: 3rd Edition

On today’s show we are doing something a little different. You see, before we had this show, we had a podcast. And for one of our podcasts, we interviewed Dave and Dan Altena, the former and current President of RepcoLite. It was a GREAT interview but it was an hour long…and that’s too long for this show. So we’ve decided to share with you the first part of the interview. It covers how RepcoLite came to be, how the paint was made, and how we got our crazy name! It’s a very interesting listen!

And, after staring at the dead bugs plastered on the front of Betsy’s car, we decided to try out some of the methods from the internet and compare them with things you can buy off the shelf. Our results were very stunning! The stuff we thought would be great didn’t always work and the methods we thought couldn’t possible work really surprised us.

And last but not least, we have a 3rd installment of Betsy’s Toolbox. We discuss 6 tools Betsy just can’t live without. Most of them are tools that you might not use every day but they are ones you certainly want to have on hand when the need arises.

Listen here:

SEGMENT 3: Bugs Be Gone!

Just in case you’re looking for a list of our recommended methods for removing bugs from your grill, here it is:

First Place: The Bug Sponge!

Second Place: Used Dryer Sheets and Water!


Third Place: Turtlewax Power Foam Bug and Tar Remover!

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