EP84: Lamp Stripping Lessons, Thanksgiving Prep 101, Drywall Tools, and Common Color, Unusual Color Combos

Today, we’re going to kick off the show by talking about a project that Betsy has been working furiously on (since she procrastinated) and some of the lessons she learned. And while you may not being doing the same project, the lessons are universal.

We’re also going to walk you through some Thanksgiving prep. And yes, you can find some of these things on the internet, but we’re putting our very unique Home Improvement Show spin on it!

If you have a drywall project coming up, Segment 3 is just for you! The WallDoctor, Jason Austin, drops by to give us the low down on his favorite drywall tools.

And finally, we explore some very unusual color combinations with a very common and popular color leading the way. If you’d like to see some of the things that inspired us, check out our Pinterest board!

Uncommon Color Combinations


Listen here:


Must-Have Drywall Tools

Jason Austin gave us a list of drywall tools. Just click this link and check it out in PDF form!

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