EP95: Save Your Roof From Ice Dams, Universal Design, and Aging In Place

Ok, so we all made it through a week of major winter storms AND the frigid Polar Vortex. now it’s going to rain! How is that possible?! As impossible as it may seem, it’s true. We got dumped on with snow and now we’re going to add warming and rain to the mix. And that may cause ice and water issues with our roofs.

Because we’re concerned about the potential for leaks, we’re calling Matt Williams from Sherriff-Goslin Roofing to find out what we can do to avoid this. It looks like we have a project for our Saturday morning!

We’re also sitting down with Derek Anderson, Owner of Amber Valley Construction. Derek has an amazing story but, more importantly, his company strives to create spaces for people of all ages to thrive in. They create Universal Design spaces and help people age in place. And if you’re young, don’t tune out. You never know what life has in store. This is important information for people of all ages.

Listen here:

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