EP99: Innerseal for Ducts, Betsy’s Dad, Home Repair Services, and Rick From Flowerland!

This particular episode was recorded LIVE from the show floor at the 2019 West Michigan Home and Garden Show. We had some great guests stop by to talk about new products, cool programs, to answer questions, and to just generally chat.

Segment 1: Innerseal for Ducts with Service Professor

Tony Krause, Vice President of Service Professor and HVAC Manager, Jason Wiltjer, drop by to talk about a great new duct sealing product, Innerseal. It will save you money and make your home more comfortable to live in.

Segment 2: Betsy’s Dad

This LIVE show happened to fall on “family day” at the Home and Garden Show so we thought it was only appropriate to talk with Betsy’s dad about the struggles of getting materials and supplies to Mackinac Island in the winter. And this year had been a doozy! People think of the island as a great summertime retreat, but it’s a whole different ballgame when snow flies!

Segment 3: Home Repair Services

We’ve talked about the many offerings of Home Repair Services in the past. We once again have Joel Ruiter, Executive Director of Home Repair Services, dropping by. We had to warn him ahead of time that we were not conveniently located by two bakeries for breakfast this time. Luckily, he still decided to come and talk about their great Remodeling Together program and some of the classes they offer.

Segment 4: Rick from Flowerland

As we got ready to hand over the microphones to the Flowerland Show, Rick Vuyst put on some headphones to answer an email question we got from a listener about pruning roses.

Listen here:

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