Episode 219: The “Old Glory” Story, Flag Etiquette, Styling Shelves the Easy Way, and Finding a Contractor

SEGMENT 1: The “Old Glory” Story

Dan recounts the dramatic tale of how the flag won the nickname “Old Glory”.

SEGMENT 2: Flag Etiquette

There are rules when it comes to proudly displaying the old “Stars and Stripes”. And we’re going to bet that a number of you are breaking at least one or two of them! We talk about the proper way to respectfully display the American Flag and we talk about the rituals that make up the “retirement” ceremony of a flag when it reaches that age!

SEGMENT 3: Styling Shelves the Easy Way

Interior Designer, Michaela Noelle, joins us to talk some key mistakes to avoid when styling shelves. She also walks us through her 4-step process to beautiful built-ins!

SEGMENT 4: Hiring a Contractor

Contractors are crazy busy right now! We talk with RepcoLite’s sales manager, Ryan Mullen about the best steps to finding and hiring a contractor for that next project. (Hint: the BEST tip is to start looking NOW).

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