Episode 224: Why are Barns Red?, Cramped Bathroom Makeover, Drywall Anchors, and Furniture Shopping 101

SEGMENT 1: Why Are Barns Red:

The red barn is an icon of rural America. But why red? We’ve got the answers…

SEGMENT 2: Cramped Bathroom Makeover

Interior designer Lauren Figueroa talks about how she took a dated, cramped bathroom and made it feel large and spacious without changing the square footage!

SEGMENT 3: Drywall Anchors

Sure, when hanging objects on our walls, it’s best to anchor them into studs. But, that’s not always possible. In those situations, you may need to use a drywall anchor. However . . . there are a wide variety of them and some far outperform others. We’ve got the scoop!

SEGMENT 4: Furniture Shopping 101

Furniture is a major purchase and it’s important to get it right. Today on the show, we discuss a number of things to consider before you hand over the money for that new couch!

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