Episode 234: Fall Prep, Spontaneous Combustion, Time Capsules, Why Painters Wear White

SEGMENT 1: Fall Prep

The seasons are changing and while it’s been a remarkably warm October so far . . . we all know what’s just around the bend. With that in mind, we go over a number of projects that you want to make sure you’ve got wrapped up in the next couple of weeks!

SEGMENTS 2: Spontaneous Combustion

Hailey ran into a story of how a home improvement project ended up resulting in a fire that burned the home to the ground. Rags used to clean up oil-based stain and solvent were left accidentally in a pile and, over the course of a couple hours, they ignited because of spontaneous combustion. 

We talk about what happened and how to prevent it . . . and, because it’s Fire Prevention Month . . . we discuss a number of other safety measures to consider.

SEGMENT 3: Time Capsules

Not the usual topic for a home improvement show, but we think a personal time capsule, filled with family memories, and set to be unearthed at some future date might be a great project with a huge payoff! It’s definitely something fun to consider.

SEGMENT 4: Why Do Painters Wear White?

It’s an age-old question . . . and the internet is full of answers! We sift through all the suggestions and have what we feel might be the definitive list of reasons professional painters have worn white through the ages!

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