LadderTalk Podcast 1: The OnFloor Machine Interview with Travis McCutchen

In this first episode of LadderTalk, we interview Travis McCutchen from OnFloor Technologies about their OnFloor Machines. If part of your business involves cleaning and staining decks, doing garage floors, warehouse floors, hardwood floors, you need to check out this interview. The OnFloor Machine is a floor preparation machine that is designed to quickly and easily prepare a wide variety of surfaces for paint and coatings!

Episode Outline

  • Introductions to Travis McCutchen and OnFloor Technologies (0:38)
  • What Is an OnFloor Machine? (2:24)
  • The OnFloor Machine Is Tremendously Easy to Control (4:24)
  • What Types of Surfaces or Applications are Ideal for an OnFloor Machine? (6:19)
  • What Makes OnFloor Different from Other Machines in the Marketplace? (8:33)
  • Is this Machine ONLY for Contractors or Professionals? (11:00)
  • Does That Make it Less Ideal for a Contractor to Use on a Daily Basis? (12:28)
  • The OnFloor Machine Gives You a Surface That is Ready to Coat Immediately! (14:07)
  • How Does the OnFloor Machine Handle Raised Nails/Screws or Uneven Boards on a Deck? (16:23)
  • How Does the OnFloor Machine Handle Hardwood Floors? (18:20)
  • How Does the OnFloor Machine Handle Dust and Mess? (20:37)
  • What about the Price? How Much Is It to Purchase? (22:48)
  • Why Is It Worth It? (24:06)
    • Muriatic Acid Prep on a Concrete Floor: Is It A Good Idea? (24:42)
  • RepcoLite Rentals (27:10)
  • Wrap Up  (27:42)

Rental Rates

Currently we have 1 OnFloor Machine (the 16″ model) for rent. It’s located at our 17th Street store in Holland, but we can make arrangements to get it to any of the Grand Rapids or Muskegon locations should the need arise. If you’re interested in scheduling a rental or asking for more information, you can reach us at 616-396-5213. Rental rates for the machine and vacuum are listed below. The various tools are rented as sets of 3 and are all available at different prices ranging from as low as $10 up to $40. It all depends on the tool you need. Call or stop in with your situation and we can more accurately recommend which tools are most suited for the work you need to do!

OnFloor 16 Pro -- FULL DAY$175.00
OnFloor 16 Pro -- 1/2 DAY$100.00
OnFloor 16 Pro -- FULL WEEK$450.00
OnFloor Vacuum -- FULL DAY$25.00
OnFloor Vaccum -- WEEK$100.00
Trailer Rental$25.00
Assorted Tools (Prices Vary--Call with Questions)$10.00 - $40.00


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