Meet Michael Mayosky, ArtPrize Artist

mayosky_5This week, I’ve been spotlighting some of the ArtPrize artists who RepcoLite was fortunate enough to work with during this year’s contest.  Today, I want to show you some of the work done by Michael Mayosky.

Michael’s from Illinois and he’s tackled one of the most ambitious ArtPrize projects I’ve seen:  a 5-story mural on the side of the Goodspeed Lofts building on Grandville Ave. in Grand Rapids.

I stopped by and spoke with Michael yesterday and was surprised to hear that none of this painting was worked out ahead of time–none of it.  He simply pulled into Grand Rapids a couple weeks ago, took a long look at the side of the building and started painting what came to mind.

It’s an amazing piece and it’s easily going to be one of the highlights of ArtPrize this year.  Be sure to get there and check it out in person.  But, in case you can’t make it . . . or to whet your appetite . . . here are some shots of the work in progress.




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