Q-Tip Touchups!

Here’s a shortcut you can try next time you’ve got to touch up a few nail holes or wall dings in your home.  Rather than get out a brush or a small roller and a tray, pick up a Q-Tip.  Yes.  I really mean one of these things:

Here’s the scoop:  a Q-Tip is perfect for small touch up areas.  You wouldn’t certainly want to do any large areas with it–that’s what rollers and brushes are for–but if you’d love a quick, painless method to touch up small nail holes, this is it.  You just use it and toss it.  No clean up, no mess.  The small size of the touch up spot means it will easily blend in to the existing wall and, even if you’ve got a slightly larger area to cover, you can turn the Q-Tip on its side and use it as a micro-mini-roller.  It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you do, you’ll find out how easy this is for those quick touch ups!

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