Quick “Before-the-Holidays-Arrive” Projects

The 2023 Holiday Season is officially here . . . and of course, that means everyone is rushing out to tackle a full-home repaint, right? Well, not really. At least not most of us!

Typically, around this time of year, there are other things that keep our minds and money occupied. However, there are a lot of small-investment (both time and money) projects that can pay off BIG in your home. They might be the perfect thing to give your home a needed pick-me-up as you get ready to entertain guests and enjoy family time. 

Here are just a couple projects we’re highlighting from the RepcoLite Home Improvement Show which airs every Saturday morning at 8 AM on Wood Radio, 1300 AM and 106.9 FM.

Paint the Fireplace

Painting a brick fireplace is a big commitment but it also makes a giant impact on a space. We have talked about projects like this in the past so we decided to tackle it ourselves and LOVE the results. Check out the two segments below for more info on this great project:

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Fireplace Repaint, Part 1
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Fireplace Repaint, Part 2

Paint the INTERIOR of your Entry Door

We typically give tons of thought to the exterior of our entry doors . . . but rarely does the interior side get that same attention! That’s a shame because the right color on the entry door can really add some pop to your entry! Check out our conversation on what colors are fair game when it comes to the inside of your entry door:

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Colors for Interior Doors
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