EP192: Creating Warmth for Outdoor Gatherings

SEGMENT 1: Warming Up the Outdoors

Some of us celebrated Christmas outdoors this year. Maybe in Florida, that’s cool. But in Michigan, it’s definitely cold! Here are a number of products you might want to consider if you’re looking at New Year’s Eve celebrations and you’re still shivering from last weekend:

SEGMENT 2: Finding the Perfect Gray

It’s easy to think that there really is such a thing as a “standard” or a “pure” gray. However, there really isn’t. Every color (grays included) are affected by undertones. 

In this segment, we’ll give you some easy ways to determine which undertones are in the colors you’re selecting, so you can be sure to always pick the perfect tone!

SEGMENTS 3 & 4: Dan’s 30-Year Furniture Project

Dan A. found a beautiful, antique library table at a barn sale. Though buried beneath layers of pink paint, he could see that it was gorgeous and would be perfect in his home. So he snatched it up. 30 years ago. And a few weeks ago, he finally started the work! We’ll talk about products he’s used, lessons he’s learned, and how we can apply all of that to our own projects!

EP190: Home Theater on the Cheap

SEGMENT 1: Charlie Brown and the Aluminum Christmas Tree

The Charlie Brown Christmas special, when it aired for the first time, had a dramatically negative impact on the aluminum Christmas tree industry! Here’s the article we referenced on the show:

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends for 2021

Every year, Benjamin Moore releases a new Color of the Year and a small array of colors that they feel will inspire the trends in the upcoming year.

Today we speak with Hailey Johnson from Benjamin Moore about the 2021 Palette.

SEGMENT 4: Home Theater on the Cheap

Last week I jumped into a home theater setup. I’ve been toying around with the idea for years, but finally decided to pull the trigger. And the reason I did it? Because I found a way to create a great theater experience at home for under $500! Here’s what I bought:

The Projector:

There are a number of great budget options out there, but I narrowed my search down to the following two. I selected the Yaber V6 in the end simply because it had (on the specs) a higher contrast ratio and was perhaps a bit brighter. But from the reviews, both are excellent!

I’m happy with my purchase, but it’s important to note that it’s good in low lighting, but definitely excels when the room is dark. If you plan to watch sports or television during the day or in brightly lit spaces, this is probably not the projector for you. You would probably need to bump up the $$ in order to move into a higher quality product line!

But for those of you who want periodic “Movie Night Fun”, I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these:

The Screen:

The Rest:

The most important other stuff to consider is the means by which you’ll get your movies to the projector! You can do that with a BluRay player, DVD player, or even an Amazon FireStick or Roku box. There are many other options out there! 


EP188: Christmas Decorating Tips and Ideas!

SEGMENT 1: Defend Those Bulbs!

Dan A. talked about how he planted 200 tulip bulbs last weekend only to have the squirrels dig up every last one of those bulbs! If you’re in the same boat, here’s a product that has helped him immensely. And it’s not too late to apply it!

SEGMENTS 2 & 3: Christmas Decorating!

This year of all years it’s important to decorate your home! Hailey Johnson from Benjamin Moore  joins us to talk about  some crafty projects and great paint ideas that may get you inspired!

Also, she highlights some paint colors in the third segment. We present them below!

SEGMENT 4: RepcoLite Christmas Contest 2020

For the last 3 years, we’ve run a HUGE Christmas contest in December. 2020 is no different! The contest is running from now until December 19 when we’ll announce a winner on the radio show! 

Click the link below to enter! And don’t forget to come back daily for those free extra entries!

EP187: Car Storage Tips and Tricks

SEGMENT 1: The Perfect Bathroom Ceiling Paint

A great question came in from our online chat and it was this: What’s the best paint for my bathroom ceiling? Well, since the best ceiling paints are typical flat . . . and since the worst paint you can typically put in a bathroom is a flat . . . is there a good answer? Turns out, thanks to Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath & Spa, there is! It’s not dead flat, but it’s a perfect bathroom paint in a matte finish. You can’t go wrong!

SEGMENT 2: Vehicle Storage Tips

If you put your vehicle away for the winter, or are planning on doing that soon, here are some ideas you’ll want to keep in mind!

SEGMENT 3: Wax-Free Friction Polish

After last week’s segment about clear wood coatings, we received a number of questions from wood shops wondering about friction polishes

Friction polishes are used by wood turners to apply a quick and easy seal-coat or finish to their turned pieces. But, typically, friction polishes contain wax. And that wax means that the friction polish itself (or maybe a shellac) is the only thing that can ever be used on the piece as a topcoat. And neither of those offer great durability.

SEGMENT 4: Holiday Get Together Ideas

Who knows what everyone is going to be doing to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s this year . . . but if you’re not doing as much “family gathering”, here are a few simple ideas to help make sure you can all still stay in touch!

Benjamin Moore’s New Color Portfolio App Is Like Having the Paint Store in Your Hand!

One of the positives we’ve seen in the midst of this pandemic scare is the amazing nature of technology. As a parent, I’ve done my fair share of griping about the silliness of TikTok videos or YouTube snippets that my kids incessantly play for me. And I’ve stood in the dining room, feeling like my grandfather with my thumbs looped through my (figurative) suspenders as I recounted to the them all the reasons they need to “check out” from technology and read a book or feel outdoor air. But then this pandemic and the subsequent “self-isolation” hits and out of the blue we suddenly find that the world is literally at our fingertips thanks to technology.

Businesses and organizations in West Michigan and around the world have opened up the treasure chest and we find ourselves able to watch symphonies, tour the world, listen to story time at Fredrik Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park all without leaving our homes. We can view art from art museums, explore NASA’s collection of photos, and adventure through our nation’s national parks. All on our phones and iPads and laptops. It’s amazing! And thank goodness it’s there!

Benjamin Moore Colors go Digital!

Well, an interesting paint tool that came out a few months ago from Benjamin Moore does the same kind of thing by putting most of the Benjamin Moore color options in your hands! You can scroll through their colors and actually view them in digital fan decks. Better yet, you can snap a picture of a room in your home and then digitally apply any of the Benjamin Moore colors to your walls to get a sneak peak at how a given color might look!

If you find yourself stuck at home, self-quarantining, maybe download the app and start planing out your next paint project! It’s simple to use, remarkably accurate, and best of all, it’s free! Check out the links for Android and iOS down below. And also, check out the video!

And if you do find yourself at home and want to start a paint project, don’t forget that RepcoLite’s FREE Next Day Delivery Service goes perfectly with Benjamin Moore’s Color Portfolio App! Pick out your paint colors, place your order, and the next day, your paint and supplies are thoroughly disinfected and delivered to your doorstep! Click here for more informationNow Announcing Free Deliveries!, or click the “Ask us a Question” button on the right side of the page!


EP136: Episode Revisit


This is actually a revisit of Episode 83 from last year. Sometimes we’re sad that certain segments or shows only play once so, from time to time, we like to bring them back to be enjoyed again!

Segments 1 & 2: Cleaning Carpets

Segments 3: Bold Colors

Segments 4: Dan’s Emporium of Audio Brilliance