EP158: Notre Dame Update, Painting the Ceiling, and Stripping Grandma’s Wallpaper


Segments 1 and 2: An Update on Notre Dame

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the tragic fire at Notre Dame. Here's a quick update in case you've wondered how things are progressing!

Segment 3: Don't Forget the Ceiling

With all the room repainting that's going on now, it's easy to forget about the ceiling. But a new coat of paint up there will definitely improve the look and feel of the finished room. And, if you're feeling a little bold, why not try a color?


Segment 4: Wallpaper Stripping Pitfalls

Many people right now are stripping wallpaper and getting ready to repaint those walls. If you're one of those folks, here's how you can avoid a messy mistake!



EP20 – August 19, 2017: Central Vacuums, Ceilings, Stress-Free Color Matching, and Buying a New House


Our ceilings are often like that one guy in the office. The quiet one who everyone forgets to invite to the party. Don’t let that happen in your home! Sure, your walls are having fun trying on new colors and looking good, but don’t leave your ceilings out! In this episode, we talk with Designer Kim Scott to talk about ceilings and some interesting ways to use them to make a statement!

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Show notes for episode 020:

Many of us hate vacuuming. Especially if we have stairs! Just the thought of lugging that heavy, awkward vacuum up and down the stairs makes us groan. But we have a solution!

Tom Courtright from WalVac stops by to tell us about his amazing central vacuum system that will save our backs the next time we vacuum stairs. We've heard from many people who have this system, and they say they'll never go back to a regular vacuum. We think that speaks for itself!

When we ask customers if they are going to paint their ceilings, we often get a blank stare. It just seems like one more thing to do. But it's time to change your thinking! Your ceiling deserves just as much attention as your walls.

Kim Scott, of KJS Interiors, is an interior designer who loves to use color in her decorating. She gives us tips on how to use color on ceilings to create that "wow" factor!

No one likes to make multiple trips to the paint store for a color match. We want to help you make one trip by telling you everything we need to get your match done right the first time.

Shopping for a new house can be very overwhelming. There is so much to look at and consider. It is very easy to miss or overlook important things.

To help us know what to pay attention to, Rodger Nyhuis, of Keller Williams Holland Lakeshore Realty, stops by to discuss what he tells his clients. He has great information that will help us be more thorough the next time we walk through a house.

EP17 – July 29, 2017: Wallpaper Myths, What to Fix Before Selling Your Home, Mossy Roofs, Painting Ceilings

Mossy roofs aren’t just an eyesore! That moss up there is actively breaking down your shingles and shortening the lifespan of one of the biggest investments we make in our homes! We’ll tell you how to deal with it safely and effectively. That and much more in this episode!

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Show notes for episode 017:

EP12 – June 24, 2017: Stay Safe!

Yes, this is a Home Improvement Show, but really, how important is a well-decorated and maintained home if every member of our family isn’t there to enjoy it with us? At RepcoLite, we love painting projects. We love decorating. We love a good, “from the ground-up” remodeling project. But none of those things matter when compared to the safety and well-being of the people in our lives.

On today’s show we sit down with Joe Kuhns from Cover Down Consulting and he basically commandeers the show for a half an hour. Joe is a 26-year Navy Seal Veteran and he’s got solid, practical, and potentially life-saving advice for everyone in your home. You do not want to miss this!

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Show notes for episode 012:

Home improvement is more than just changing or improving the physical aspects of your home. It's also about changing and improving the lives of the people who live there. And part of improving the lives of yourself and members of your family is safety.

We are excited to be joined in the studio by Joe Kuhns of Cover Down Consulting. Joe is a 26 year Navy SEAL veteran who applies the skills he learned as a SEAL to his everyday life. He has been kind enough to help arm us with the knowledge we need to keep ourselves and our families safe. He has great information on personal (ourselves) and physical (the spaces we have control in) protection that is worth listening to time and time again.

Besides consulting on personal protection, Joe teaches team building and does performance or life training for young men seeking to join the military. For more information on any of the services Cover Down Consulting offers, you can email Joe at jkuhnscoverdown@gmail.com.

Joe Kuhns of Cover Down Consulting mesmerized us in Segment 1, so we asked him to stay for another segment. Luckily he obliged, so we finished our interview with a discussion on keeping our homes and property safe. This is information every family should have!

The internet is full of all kinds of recommendations when it comes to paint storage. And what's really interesting is that these recommendations show up on reputable DIY and Home Repair websites and blogs. And yet, at RepcoLite, we've noticed time and time again that these methods, though wildly popular, often don't work out as well as you'd think.

So in this segment, we tackle the myths and give you some honest-to-goodness paint storage advice. No, it's not gimmicky. Yes, they're a little bland. But on the flipside: they work! Every time.

We took some time recently to get out to the Parade of Homes. And we saw a number of great things that really inspired us. However, we also discovered a couple things that made us rethink a common idea about "color flow" in a home. In this segment, we talk about some things not to do when you're decorating, but also we pile on a number of practical recommendations to help you with your next decorating project!


EP02 – April 8, 2017: The #1 Issue Discovered by Home Inspectors


In this episode, we speak with Dave Stegink from ABI Home Inspection Services about the #1 issue he finds when he inspects a house. Chances are, these things (at least some of them) are happening in your home right now! What are they and how do you find them? We cover all of that and more!

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Show notes for episode 002:

Dave Stegink is in his 4th year doing inspections full time for ABI Inspection Services. For about 8 years prior to that, he inspected homes on a part time basis. Before joining ABI Inspection Services full-time, he was the Construction Director at Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity for 4 years and had his own remodeling company.

kickout_flashing_2Kickout Flashing

In the segment, Dave mentioned something called "kickout flashing". We tried our best to describe it on air, but figured a picture's worth a thousand words, right? Right! So, here's the picture we promised along with a link that explains exactly what kickout flashing does for a home and another that explains how it's installed.

Check them out and then take a look at your home. Is it something you should be adding?

There are a lot of contractors out there, and some of them aren't very good. Fortunately, there are a number of easy steps you can take to make sure that the next one you hire is going to get the job done well and on time! We talk about what we feel are the 6 key steps to take. But if you liked what you heard, check out our blog which has a few more tips!

Water stains on a ceiling are depressing! They look terrible and worse, they are proof positive that there's a bigger issue at work in our homes. Maybe it's a leaky roof, maybe a burst pipe, or maybe we get lucky and it's just overeager bathers! On top of that, many of us have painted over a water stain only to see it almost magically bleed back through our new coat of paint. They're definitely frustrating. But the good news is, they can be easy to deal with. You just need to know the right way to approach the project and the right products to use!

If you'd like more info on water stains, check out our blog post!

Selling your home isn't something most of us do on a regular basis. As a result, we don't always know the best ways to go about it. Personally, I'm always interested in what I should update and what's not worth the expense. Today, we're in the studio with realtor Roger Nyhuis from Keller Williams Lakeshore Holland Realty. He's a self-described "old guy" who made a career change after 45 years in commercial radio! But don't let his relative "youth" in the realty world fool you: Roger knows his stuff and has great information to help you if you're even remotely thinking about selling your home!

Episode 003: The Number 1 Issue Home Inspectors Discover!

Interview with Dave Stegink from ABI Inspection Services: The Number 1 Issue Home Inspectors Discover on a Walk Through | Fixing and Preventing Mold and Mildew in a Bathroom | Cleaning Up Water Stains On Your Ceiling | Tips for Selling Your House: Interview with Roger Nyhuis from Keller Williams Lakeshore Realty