EP89: Death of the Aluminum Christmas Tree, Painted Tin Ceiling, and Escape Room Debriefing!

So, if you are a child of the late 50’s or early 60’s, it’s likely you’ll remember the aluminum Christmas tree. But, if you were born after 1965, it’s entirely likely you’ve only seen pictures of them (or maybe in an antique store, if you’re lucky). The reason for this is the 1965 debut of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Yes, that’s right, Charlie Brown single-handedly brought down the aluminum Christmas tree industry. We’ve got the story of that and the reason for their comeback in the first segment.

We’re also taking a call from a listener, Ruth, who has an old farmhouse tin ceiling. The ceiling was painted quite a while ago and the paint is starting to peel in some areas. We’ll tell her why that is and what she needs to do next.

And finally, Jeff Rietveld from Out of the Box Games is dropping by to give us the results of our recent Escape Room challenge. He’s also going to do a short debriefing to tell us what we did well and what we need to work on for next time. And no matter how we did, these Escape Rooms are something we can’t recommend enough!

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EP76: Caulk 101, Fire Safety with the Fire Marshal, Job Site Lessons

Today’s show is all about safety! Well, except the parts that are about caulk and spalling brick.  Technically, those parts are not about safety. But that doesn’t make them any less interesting or valuable!

For example, if you’ve ever wondered why we use caulk on a paint project, or what the 30-year, 40-year, and 50-year references on each tube mean, then this segment is for you!

And if you’ve got a brick chimney or any brick on your house at all, you do not want to miss the segment about spalling brick. The info here could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

And then . . . there’s the actual safety segment I referred to in the beginning! Holland’s Fire Marshal, Bret Groendyke sits down with us to talk about some great tips to help us stay safe should we ever experience a fire in our homes. It’s great info and perfect for everyone in the family!

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EP75: Furnace Filters, Store Paint Dilemmas, and Damp Basement Fixes

Last week we talked about the Home Repair Services Home Maintenance class. We actually attended the class and learned a TON of things. They talked briefly about furnace filters and changing them…and that got us thinking. What happens if we DON’T change the filter? Is it like not taking the lint from the lint trap in our dryer and it could start a fire?

In the first segment, Brad Krause, President of Service Professor, stops by to answer all of our burning questions when it comes to our furnace.

We are excited for segments 2 and 3 because our very own Plainfield Bob drops in for a chat. Bob is the manager at our Plainfield store. He is very funny and has lots of knowledge when it comes to paint. And he’s going to help us give you all kinds of things to think about when you head to the paint store. After listening to this, all of your paint dilemmas will be solved!

And last, but not least, we are talking about damp basements. It’s fall and rain will come. And we know that many of us struggle with water seeping in. We’re here to help you get started in making your basement a dry, usable space. And it all starts outside.

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