EP125: Direct to Metal Paints and the Saw Stop Table Saw


Segments 2 & 3: Direct-to-Metal Paint

DTM paints, as the name suggests, are meant for application directly to metal surfaces. And yet, there are a vast number of rust inhibitive primers on the market. When is a DTM the right choice for a project and when is there a better option?

We sit down with Dan Altena, the President of RepcoLite Paints to discuss!

Segment 4: The Saw Stop Table Saw

Anyone who’s worked with a table saw has had, at one point or another, visions of tragedy and potential lost digits. It’s a real concern in wood working, because, as we all know: accidents happen so fast!

That’s what makes the Saw Stop system so intriguing! It’s a table saw that is designed to detect flesh and stop the blade in less than 5 milliseconds. Fast enough to change a life-altering injury into a small cut! Check out the links and the video below!

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