EP205: From “Woe” to “Woah!”

SEGMENTS 1 & 2: Color Woes

Last week we heard a story that perfectly illustrated what so many of us go through when picking out paint colors. Today, we recount Caroline Dwan’s story that went from “Pretty in Pink” to “Miama Vice”. And we tell you how to avoid some common color mishaps!

SEGMENT 3: Seller’s Paradise

Usually we love talking about all the projects to tackle before listing your home. However, the current state of the real estate market left us wondering . . . do people really need to do anything before listing? We are joined by Sue Prins and Ginger Herman from Sue Prins Five Star Real Estate to find out the answer.

SEGMENT 4: The Great Debate . . . Gas vs. Electric

Most of us are getting into Spring Cleaning mode. If that’s you, you might find yourself wanting to clean the dirt off the deck, patio, or even your home’s exterior. A pressure washer is an obvious choice . . . but do you choose gas or electric? Do you buy or rent? We weight the pros and cons of each option so you can decide!

EP111: All About Shellac, Selling a Home with Pets, Bird Exclusion


Segment 2: Selling a Home with Pets

Sue and Ginger Prins from Sue Prins Group 5-Star Real Estate are in the studio with us, talking about some little things we pet owners can do to get our homes read to sell for top dollar!

Segments 3 & 4: Bird Exclusion with Rose Pest Solutions

David Popp and Dale Hodgson from Rose Pest Solutions are here to talk about birds. Yes, they’re fun to watch. Yes, they’re beautiful. But they can also be a nuisance when they build nests in our eaves trough or our dryer vents. What do you do if you have geese that are continually threatening you? What about a nest of starlings in the fancy sign hanging over the door of your business? David and Dale have the answers!

EP90: Movie Tool Misses, Projects for Selling Your Home, and Painting Paneling Question

During the holidays a lot of people go to the movies. We get sucked in by the action and suspense. But watch closely. If you do, you may notice that some integral parts of tools are missing. What good is an air nailer without a hose and air source? We’ve watched the movies and now we’re going to pick them apart.

And, with the new year approaching, you might be thinking it’s the year to sell your home. That’s why we’ve invited Karla Huitsing, owner of Keller Williams Rivertown, to share with us some of the best projects that will pay you back in the end.

And finally, we took a questions from a listener (and a guest on our show) about painting paneling. The catch is, it’s not just any paneling. It’s paneling in a cottage up north that is only occupied on weekends. Is it ok to do different painting steps weeks apart when the temperature can get so cold inside? We’ll give you the answer in our last segment!


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EP51 – March 24, 2018: A Historic New Home Shortage, Betsy’s Toolbox, Top 5 Projects When Selling, Under Deck Oasis

Today we debut a new segment that we’ll repeat from time to time: Betsy’s Toolbox! Betsy is a tool geek and she’s always eager to make recommendations about the best tools to use. Today, in her inaugural Toolbox segment, she leads in with unique story about a farmer who had a cow…. We’ll also be talking with builder, Bob Snowden about a historic shortage of new homes we’re experiencing right now. That and much more!

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Show notes for episode 051:

This week we noticed that Bob Snowden of Snowden Builders, someone we have interviewed on the show before, was featured on the COVER of the Wall Street Journal! He was interviewed for an article titled The Next Housing Crisis: A Historic Shortage of New Homes The article spurred an extended conversation about some of the potential causes for the new home shortage and why it's harder than ever to build a brand new starter home for a reasonable price.
This is a segment we are calling Betsy's Toolbox because, believe it or not, she probably owns more tools than Dan. And today, we're talking about a tool that's been around since 1924...the Irwin Vise Grip. It's an extremely versatile tool that has been upgraded in recent years to make it even more amazing! Now, although this isn't the best video, it really shows how much better the NEW Vise Grips are compared to the old ones.
After talking with Bob Snowden in the first segment about the lack of available homes, we thought it would be a good idea to poll some realtors in the area for their Top 5 Projects when selling a home. If you are considering selling your home, check out one of these great realtors!  
A few weeks ago we were walking around the Grand Rapids Home and Garden Expo and found a really cool product the converts the underside of your second-story deck into a useable outdoor living space. Ross Morgan from Under Deck Oasis tells us about this very unique product and some of the things the converted space can be used for. The before and after pictures say it all!

EP43 – January 27, 2018: Selling Your Home In Winter, Extension Cords, Marine Varnish Question, The Perfect Light!


Selling your home in the winter seems counter intuitive. Everyone waits until Spring, right? That’s the perfect time to list, right? Well, if you want to sell the house quickly and for the highest dollar possible, Winter might actually be your best bet! Roger Allan from Keller Williams Lakeshore Realty is with us and he makes a compelling case for listing now!

We’re also joined by Renee Huff from The Lighting Corner and she’s going to talk about the pivotal role lighting plays in our homes and in our decorating!

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Show notes for episode 043:

The weather is cold and the ground is white...at least in some areas. Now is the perfect time to sell your house, right? We sat down with realtor Roger Allan from Keller Williams Lakeshore Realty in Holland to discuss this. Most people think winter is the worst time to sell a home. But Roger says now is the best time!
Do you have a new power tool? Do you want to ruin it very quickly? Use the wrong extension cord and you are on your way to success! Most people aren't aware that they need different extension cords for different tools. The more power the tool needs and the further from the outlet it is, the bigger your extension cord should be. We walk you through the basics of choosing the best extension cord for every job.  
Need to reach 25' or less14 Gauge Extension CordWill deliver up to 15 amps
Need to reach up to 50'12 Gauge Extension CordWill deliver up to 15 amps
Need to reach up to 100'10 Gauge Extension CordWill deliver up to 15 amps
Because we got such good questions at the Remodeling and New Homes Show a couple weeks ago, we decided to answer a few more. The first question has to do with choosing color. Many people struggle with this because there are so many options and they don't know where to start. We'll give you some tips to put you on the right path to color bliss. The other questions is about using a marine varnish on window sills. We'll tell you if it's a good or bad idea and why.
In the paint industry, we know how important light is to the final color outcome. A light bulb can actually make OR break a color scheme. Renee Huff from The Lighting Corner in Grandville stopped by to talk all things light bulbs. She discussed the differences in bulbs (CFL, LED, etc.), how to choose a bulb according to where it falls on the Kelvin heat scale, and so much more! This is a segment that is absolutely worth the time!

EP17 – July 29, 2017: Wallpaper Myths, What to Fix Before Selling Your Home, Mossy Roofs, Painting Ceilings

Mossy roofs aren’t just an eyesore! That moss up there is actively breaking down your shingles and shortening the lifespan of one of the biggest investments we make in our homes! We’ll tell you how to deal with it safely and effectively. That and much more in this episode!

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Show notes for episode 017: