EP205: From “Woe” to “Woah!”

SEGMENTS 1 & 2: Color Woes

Last week we heard a story that perfectly illustrated what so many of us go through when picking out paint colors. Today, we recount Caroline Dwan’s story that went from “Pretty in Pink” to “Miama Vice”. And we tell you how to avoid some common color mishaps!

SEGMENT 3: Seller’s Paradise

Usually we love talking about all the projects to tackle before listing your home. However, the current state of the real estate market left us wondering . . . do people really need to do anything before listing? We are joined by Sue Prins and Ginger Herman from Sue Prins Five Star Real Estate to find out the answer.

SEGMENT 4: The Great Debate . . . Gas vs. Electric

Most of us are getting into Spring Cleaning mode. If that’s you, you might find yourself wanting to clean the dirt off the deck, patio, or even your home’s exterior. A pressure washer is an obvious choice . . . but do you choose gas or electric? Do you buy or rent? We weight the pros and cons of each option so you can decide!

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