Meet Dan Fenelon, Art Prize Artist

danfenelonArtPrize starts tomorrow–it’s a huge art competition in Grand Rapids involving, among other things, a Grand Prize of $250,000.

It’s an amazing event that will draw thousands and thousands of visitors from all over West Michigan and beyond to see the works of over 1,700 artists from all over the world.

Today I want to briefly introduce you to one of these artists, Dan Fenelon.

Dan’s a mural artist (among other things) who’s created a huge, 30′ x 120′ mural on the side of the Witters building in Grand Rapids. This building houses The Dwelling Place and Ferguson Dental Center and is now home to an enormous, colorful mural painted entirely with RepcoLite Paints.

Early this summer, Dan contacted RepcoLite and made arrangements for us to supply all of the paint he’d need for this bold, bright and colorful mural. We were happy to comply and, after seeing the results, we’re thrilled to be associated with Dan’s work.

So often, our exterior paint is made up in the colors of the day: clays, taupes, greys, forest greens . . . and occasional burgundy for a front door . . . you get the idea. It’s not often that we get to go nuts and show people that our paint can be as bold and bright and powerful as they can imagine. It just takes some creativity and you can do wonders!

And that’s not just true in the art world. I’m hoping people will see Dan’s work for Art Prize and will start to realize that they can make a powerful statement in (and on) their own homes. Oh, maybe not as bold or crazy as Dan’s work–but still, something that stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

Anyway, check out Dan’s mural during Art Prize and be sure to cast your vote for him!