EP158: Notre Dame Update, Painting the Ceiling, and Stripping Grandma’s Wallpaper


Segments 1 and 2: An Update on Notre Dame

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the tragic fire at Notre Dame. Here's a quick update in case you've wondered how things are progressing!

Segment 3: Don't Forget the Ceiling

With all the room repainting that's going on now, it's easy to forget about the ceiling. But a new coat of paint up there will definitely improve the look and feel of the finished room. And, if you're feeling a little bold, why not try a color?


Segment 4: Wallpaper Stripping Pitfalls

Many people right now are stripping wallpaper and getting ready to repaint those walls. If you're one of those folks, here's how you can avoid a messy mistake!



EP157: Wall Decor Ideas and Questions from the Web


Segments 1 and 2: Wall Decor Ideas for Now (and Later)

If you're trapped in the house right now, there are still some great, creative things you can do to add some fun, color, and texture to your walls using items you probably have sitting at home right this moment! Also, in Segment 2, we tackle a few more projects that are perfect for when we can finally get out and about!

Segment 3 and 4: Paint Questions from the Web

With everyone stuck at home, we're getting TONS of questions about paint projects. So we pick a few of the best ones!


EP156: The Story Behind the Closet (and More), Isaac Newton’s Year of Quarantine, Peel and Stick Wallpaper Projects


Segments 1 and 2: The Story of the Closet (and more)

Who knew that certain extremely common elements in our homes came about because people were concerned about sanitation, cleanliness, and avoiding deadly germs? Who knew? Betsy. And she digs into all of it in these two segments.

Segment 3: Isaac Newton's "Year" of Quarantine

Being in self-isolation ourselves, it's possible we can draw some inspiration from people in the past who've lived through similar experiences. Well, one such person who's been all over the internet recently is Isaac Newton. There are tons of stories talking about Newton's "Miracle Year" or his "Year of Wonders" where he basically dreamed up every major idea he ever had while in quarantine from the Great Plague in 1665.

Well.... It's a great story. But the truth is a little different than some of the accounts we've all been reading. Check it out!

Segments 4: Peel and Stick Wallpaper

One of our favorite advancements in the world of home decorating is Peel and Stick wallpaper. It may sound like a gimmick or like a weird, unworkable, and ridiculous product, but it's absolutely as cool as you might be able to imagine if you try very hard! It is unique, versatile, priced well, and so easy to work with!  Betsy has a few ideas about how you can incorporate it inn your home. And we've got a few pictures just to show you some of the (many) patterns available!

EP151: OnFloor Machine, Buckingham Palace Wallpaper Preservation, and Home Show Preview


Segment 1: OnFloor Machine

We’ll give you the scoop on a machine we rent that will have your deck looking like new in now time! And it’s so easy to use, you can control it with just one hand!

Segments 2 & 3: Buckingham Palace Wallpaper Preservation

Betsy missed her calling when it came to this! Buckingham Palace is currently undergoing a HUGE renovation and update. All of the treasures are being moved out. And even the historic wallpaper is being painstakingly taken down and restored.

Segment 4: Home Show Preview

We taking you on an audio walking tour of the 41st Annual West Michigan Home and Garden Show. We talk about some of our favorite displays and tell you the booths not to miss!

EP133: Spring-Loaded Nail Set, The Color of the Year, Wall Panels


Segment 1: Spring-Loaded Nail Set

Sometimes you can’t fit a hammer and a nail set into a tight corner. Sometimes you just don’t want to use all that force to set your nails into the wood. In those instances, this simple, spring-loaded nail set is perfect! It’s very inexpensive and definitely something to have in your toolbox.


Segments 2 and 3: Color of the Year with Jennifer Butler Design

Benjamin Moore launched their new Color of the Year for 2020 and it’s First Light: a pink. How in the world, do you work with pink in your decorating? How do you prevent it from leaning overpoweringly to the feminine? And honestly, what is the point of color trends anyway? We discuss all of this with Jennifer Butler and Andy Yates from Jennifer Butler Design in Grand Rapids. And it’s definitely worth your time!

Segment 4: Amazingly Simple Wall Panels

Ever thought about using a mural in your decorating, but were afraid to commit? Didn’t want to spend the money only to have to remove it later when your tastes change? Well what about this solution?