EP151: OnFloor Machine, Buckingham Palace Wallpaper Preservation, and Home Show Preview


Segment 1: OnFloor Machine

We’ll give you the scoop on a machine we rent that will have your deck looking like new in now time! And it’s so easy to use, you can control it with just one hand!

Segments 2 & 3: Buckingham Palace Wallpaper Preservation

Betsy missed her calling when it came to this! Buckingham Palace is currently undergoing a HUGE renovation and update. All of the treasures are being moved out. And even the historic wallpaper is being painstakingly taken down and restored.

Segment 4: Home Show Preview

We taking you on an audio walking tour of the 41st Annual West Michigan Home and Garden Show. We talk about some of our favorite displays and tell you the booths not to miss!

EP133: Spring-Loaded Nail Set, The Color of the Year, Wall Panels


Segment 1: Spring-Loaded Nail Set

Sometimes you can’t fit a hammer and a nail set into a tight corner. Sometimes you just don’t want to use all that force to set your nails into the wood. In those instances, this simple, spring-loaded nail set is perfect! It’s very inexpensive and definitely something to have in your toolbox.


Segments 2 and 3: Color of the Year with Jennifer Butler Design

Benjamin Moore launched their new Color of the Year for 2020 and it’s First Light: a pink. How in the world, do you work with pink in your decorating? How do you prevent it from leaning overpoweringly to the feminine? And honestly, what is the point of color trends anyway? We discuss all of this with Jennifer Butler and Andy Yates from Jennifer Butler Design in Grand Rapids. And it’s definitely worth your time!

Segment 4: Amazingly Simple Wall Panels

Ever thought about using a mural in your decorating, but were afraid to commit? Didn’t want to spend the money only to have to remove it later when your tastes change? Well what about this solution?

EP50 – March 17, 2018: Mental Toughness, Painting Over Wallpaper: Yes or No?, and Get Off the Couch!

There are all kinds of reasons we hesitate to jump into home improvement projects. Sometimes we lack the tools for a certain project. Sometimes we lack the knowledge to accomplish certain tasks. And sometimes, we’re just plain scared to even try. The thought of the unknown and our lack of confidence holds up back from great things. But the time has come! Get off the couch and give it a try. You might be amazed at the result!

Listen here:

Show notes for episode 050:

We are not always what we seem. Our minds are powerful and can help us accomplish great things. Mental toughness will help not only in life, but also when it comes to accomplishing home projects we never thought possible. Sometimes we just need a little motivation.

Navy Seal, Joe Kuhns, stops by the studio to coach us on mental toughness. He tells a story that proves people aren't always what they seem; just because they look tough, doesn't mean they are.

We are back in the studio with Joe Kuhns because we just couldn't let him leave (plus, he wanted his card punched again!). This time he covers why looking at the "big picture" isn't always the way to go.

We got a question on Facebook from a listener who wanted to know which paint and/or primer to use when painting over wallpaper. Now this seems like a great idea for getting rid of that dated, 60's style wallpaper, without going through the headache of actually stripping the paper. But is this shortcut really all it seems to be? We'll tell you what we think and then let you decide!

We talked to tons of people at the home shows the past couple of weekends. And it seems like almost everyone wants to tackle some sort of home project...many of them painting! The problem is, many people feel they can't do these projects for any number of reasons.

In the first couple of segments Joe taught us that we CAN do these things. We've got some ways to help get you started on the road to home improvement success. Get off the couch and get started....after you listen to this show!

And, for those who care: we fade the show out today to the Indigo Girls' Hammer and a Nail. It's a great song and it's included here in all of it's 90's glory for your listening pleasure!



EP49 – March 10, 2018: Bidets, the Order of Painting, Cleaning Windows, & the Walls of Death!


Some weeks are busier than others! This week we just had too much going and were unable to get to the studio to crank out a new episode. So, instead, we’ve put together Volume 1 of the RepcoLite Home Improvement Show Greatest Hits! On this episode, we revisit some of our favorite segments from the past 48 weeks!

Listen here:

Show notes for episode 049:

Well, this segment has been 41 weeks in the making! When we started this Home Improvement Show, we interviewed Mark DeVisser from the Plumber is Here about another topic. After that interview, and off the record, Mark, launched into one of the most hilariously frank discussions about bidets we've ever encountered. We knew we wanted to re-do that discussion on the radio . . . but we also knew we needed to establish ourselves a bit before we launched into a bidet talk!

Well, that moment has now arrived. And today we aired our favorite segment to date! It's funny AND informative. Check it out!

When it comes to starting a paint project, a lot of people find themselves wondering: where do I start? What should I paint first? Walls? Ceiling? What next?

If you've ever wondered that, we've got the system the pro's use to get beautiful results everytime!

We also deal with another common question we hear all the time at RepcoLite: "Do I really need to prime EVERYTIME I paint?"

Many of us dread washing windows because it takes so long and it's so hard to get them streak and spot free. As soon as the sun is at just the right angle, we can see (very clearly!) every swipe of the rag we made.

  We tried the top three window cleaning solutions we found on the internet, and this is the one we thought worked the best.

Magic Cleaner #1

1/2 gal. warm water

1 Tbsp. Jet Dry

2-3 Tbsp. Dawn

  The other solutions we tried were:

Magic Cleaner #2

1/2 bottle Jet Dry

4 Tbsp. Alcohol

1/4 c. ammonia

1 handful powdered dishwasher soap

2 gal. hot water

Magic Cleaner #3

2 c. water

1/4 c. vinegar

1/2 tsp Dawn

This is easily one of our favorite segments of all time! It's a historical look at a crazy chapter in the world of decorating...

To summarize (without giving the whole fun story away), in the 19th Century arsenic was used to create vivid pigments that were then used in dyes and inks, on clothing, in paint, on food, and on wallpaper! Turns out, installing arsenic-laced wallpaper was actually a poor decision when it came to the health of you and your family! (Who would have thought!)

It's an interesting segment and is definitely worth a listen!

Shadows from the Walls of Death!

On the show, we talked about a rare book that you can view in the rare book collection at MSU. There were 100 copies produced in 1874 and now, only a handful remain. One of them is at MSU. Another is at the U of M. At any rate, the book actually contains actual arsenic-laced samples of the wallpapers that were common in the early to late 19th Century. It is a piece of bizarre decorating history you can hold in your hands! (And the pages are now encapsulated in plastic, so you're safe!) However, if you're not up for a road trip, here's a link to a beautiful full-color scan of the book! Check it out!