The Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection

When it comes to paint colors, the right choice can make all the difference in your home. Benjamin Moore has always positioned themselves as leaders in color development and the Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection of 240 colors is a perfect example of their commitment to color. This collection sets itself apart by offering full spectrum colors. This means is that every color is made without the use of black or gray colorant, relying instead, upon the full spectrum of colorants to create tones that offer an unmatchable color vibrancy and depth, truly capitalizing on the transformative power of light.

The Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection taps into the power of light

Color Stories: A Collection Designed for Life

One of the most remarkable qualities of the Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection is its ability to transform color under different lighting conditions. This capacity to adapt and change with light creates an ever-evolving visual experience. This makes it possible for us to craft a backdrop in our homes that’s as dynamic as the lives we live. As the sun moves throughout the day and artificial lights flip on and off, a blue could move from muted and soft, to slightly more teal or vibrant. It all comes down to light.

The Transformative Power of Light

Natural Light: The collection showcases its depth and complexity, revealing subtleties and nuances that you might not notice under artificial lighting.

Artificial Light: As the day turns to evening and artificial lighting takes over, the Color Stories palette shifts to a stabilized version of itself. The undertones of the color and mood of the space now depend on the temperature of the lighting.

Layered Lighting: In spaces with layered lighting, where you can adjust the intensity and color of light, the Benjamin Moore Color Stories collection truly shines. You can play with the lighting to create a variety of atmospheres, effectively changing the character of the room.

How to Harness the Magic

To make the most of the Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection and its transformative qualities, consider the following tips:

1. Test Paint Samples. Before committing to a color, always test paint samples on your walls and observe how they react to different lighting conditions in your space. This will give you the most accurate representation of how the color will look.

2. Consider Your Room’s Orientation. The orientation of your room (north-facing, south-facing, etc.) can influence the quality and temperature of light. South facing rooms will be bright and balanced. East and west facing rooms have more orange and red light. North facing rooms will have a consistent blue light. Keep this in mind when choosing colors.

3. Experiment with Light Fixtures. Explore the world of lighting fixtures and bulbs. Different fixtures can cast different hues and the light bulb itself can vary from cool crisp light to warm yellow light. All of these variations can allow you to control the way a paint color appears.

4. Combine with Neutral Elements. To balance the ever-changing nature of the Color Stories palette, incorporate neutral elements in your decor. This provides anchors in the design and allows the space to feel grounded even with dynamic color shifts.

The Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection taps into the power of light

The Color Stories Experience

The Benjamin Moore Color Stories Collection is a testament to the transformative power of light in interior design. It offers an experience that is ever-evolving. These colors are not static; they are alive, reacting to the world around them.

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