The Brush of the Gods


Over the course of the years, I’ve used all kinds of different brushes for my little fix-it jobs around the house.  I’ve used cheap ones, expensive ones… brushes made for professional painters and brushes geared more for your everday homeowner- type needs.  I’ve used all kinds of different brushes.  Until I used the Corona Excalibur Brush.  Once I used this brush, I quit trying other ones.  In fact, I quit buying other ones.  There’s no need.  This is hands-down the best, longest lasting brush I’ve ever used.

See, the Corona Excalibur brush makes use of a relatively new type of filament or bristle:  it’s called Chinex and it’s specifically made to quickly and effectively release water-based coatings.  This means that the brushed results are great.  Latex paint glides off the brush easily and smoothly and your end product looks tremendous . . . professional . . . like you knew what you were doing.

But really, that’s only part of the reason I like this brush so much.  In fact, it’s not even the biggest part of the reason I like this brush so much.  The true reason I think this brush is indispensable is because of how easy it is to clean it up.

See, the Chinex bristles used in this brush have two main benefits.  First, they apply latex paint easily and evenly.  We’ve talked about that.  Secondly (and more importantly, in my book), these bristles make clean-up about as easy as it’s ever going to get with a brush.

Allow me a little personal testimonial here to prove my point.   A year or so ago, I was getting my home ready to sell (we subsequently changed our minds . . . but that’s neither here nor there).  Anyway, we were getting it ready to sell and so I found myself doing tons of little touch-ups.  Fixing trim here, touching up a wall there, etc.

In the beginning of this project, I was using a standard brush and it was very frustrating.  I’d paint some white trim and then want to switch to a tan color for my walls.  I’d take the brush to the sink, clean and clean and clean it . . . rinse it . . . spin it . . . finally get it clean (I thought) only to brush the new color on the wall to discover that some of the white paint was still in my brush.  This would screw up my touch-up, create more work for me and cause me to spend even more time rinsing my brush.

After a few days of this . . . and after complaining about it at work . . . somebody at RepcoLite told me to try the Excalibur brush.  He said clean-up was easier with this brush than any other brush he’d ever used.

I wasn’t completely convinced, but I thought I’d give it a try–after all, I figured it couldn’t be worse than what I was already working with.

Well, when I got home that night, I thought I’d break out this new brush and see if it was everything my friend told me it was.  And, my goodness, was it ever!  I’m still amazed when I use the brush, but I was absolutely blown away that first night.

I started with white touch-ups on some trim in the living room.  I finished that and tossed the brush in the sink under running water for about 45 seconds while I popped open the lid of the next paint I had to use:  a bright red for a piece of furniture.  Once I had the lid off, I reached for the brush, prepared to start the scrubbing and rinsing process and I was surprised to see that it was already clean–after just 45 seconds under running water.  I rinsed it a few more seconds to be sure . . . but it looked good.  So I went to the red paint and started brushing.  Oh, I half-expected to see white paint mixing with the red and screwing up my project, but it didn’t happen.  The brush was clean and the red applied flawlessly.

After that, I switched to a tan and again . . . was astounded that a quick 45 second rinse under running water completely removed the red paint and allowed me to switch to another color.

In the end, I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I saved.  My rinsing between colors was reduced from 3 – 5 minutes each time down to 45 seconds or less.  And, best of all, after that 45 seconds, I had ALL the previous color out of the brush.  Sometimes even after cleaning my old brushes for 5 minutes or more, I’d start painting only to find I needed to do more rinsing to get the old colors out.

It was amazing.  The Corona Chinex Excalibur brush is easily, the best brush I’ve ever used and I know, if you put one in your painting arsenal at home, you won’t regret it.  Check it out!

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