Four Boxes That Hold The Key to De-cluttered Home

box-550594_1920_no_attribution_necessaryFor the last few posts, I’ve been writing about removing clutter from our homes.  And some of you might be wondering why.  I mean, really, why would RepcoLite Paints–a company who sells paint–be spending time on a topic like this?

Well, to quickly answer that, let me just say that RepcoLite isn’t just about selling paint.  Our focus as a company is on helping you get your home looking and feeling the way you’ve always wanted it to look and feel.

For all of you who flip through magazines or channels on tv and see beautiful, amazing homes and wish you knew what it took to make your home look like that . . . well you’re the people we’re here to help.  And really, what better way to get started on that than to get your home cleaned up?

See, cleaning is the first step in many home redecorating projects.  We clean a room and realize the potential that was lying just beneath all the clutter.  Next thing you know, we’re painting, buying some new decor and before long, that room we’ve always avoided is a place in which we want to spend more time.  And all of that starts with a little cleaning.  That’s why I’ve been writing about it.

OK, with that said, let’s get to the main point of today’s blog.  Last time (you can read it here if you haven’t read it already) we talked about setting a timer while you work.  That’s a great step to take when you’re cleaning.  However, to make sure your time is spent as efficiently as possible, here’s a very basic, but sometimes overlooked trick to help you:  Set 3 boxes or rubbermaid containers in the room you’re cleaning.

Label one of these boxes, “KEEP”, label one of them “DONATE” and label the third one “JUNK.”  If you’re of the selling mindset, you could put a 4th container in the room and label it “SELL”.  From there, it’s just a matter of sorting through the clutter and tossing it into the appropriate bin.

And when you do this, but utterly ruthless.  If you don’t use an item, get rid of it.  Sell it, donate it or toss it–but don’t keep it.  Remember, the goal is to cut down on the junk not just to re-organize it.  So be ruthless.

Don’t allow sentimental bonds to tie your hands and prevent you from making progress.  It’s hard to do, but you’ll be happy you did.  Next time, I want to spend some time blogging about that little “SELL” box you might have sitting there and how much money might be bouncing around inside of it!

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