Win Some Decorating Bucks Now Through October 28!

We’ve all had this experience, I’m sure: you head to the grocery store to pick up a few extras for dinner. It should be simple. It should be cheap. I mean you need butter. And maybe bacon. Anyway . . . you snag the items you need, see a couple more basic food items you could use, grab some sandwich meat because the kids are back in school and you head to the self-checkout lanes. A few beeps and scans later and the screen’s telling you that somehow you owe the grocery store $79.84. How??

Everything adds up fast right now. But we can help a little bit–at least with your painting projects!

Now through October 28, we’ll be giving away (2) $100 gift certificates on every airing of the RepcoLite Home Improvement Show. But, you’ve got to listen to the broadcast live in order to have a chance to win. Here’s how you do that:

West Michigan Listeners

  • Catch the show every Saturday morning from 8-9 AM
  • Wood Radio — 1300 AM and 106.9 FM

East Side Listeners

  • Catch the show every Saturday morning from 6-7 AM
  • Detroit’s Wheels WLLZ — 106.7 FM
  • Catch the show every Saturday morning from 7-8 AM
  • WDTK the Patriot — 1400 AM and 101.5 FM
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