Color Me Home Episode 14: The OnFloor Machine

In this episode, Betsy and Dan spend some time discussing one of the greatest time-saving tools available for decks right now: an OnFloor Machine. And while that may not sound exciting . . . you’re going to want to give this episode a listen. Once you understand what this machine is and what it will do, you’ll see how easy it is to shave DAYS off your next deck project…

Episode Outline

  • What is an OnFloor Machine Exactly? (1:00)
  • Benefit 1: Clean and Stain Your Deck in a Single Day! (6:06)
  • Benefit 2: End Results Will Be Better than Cleaning with Chemicals (3:33)
  • Benefit 3: Raised Nails? Uneven Boards? No Problem! (6:37)
  • Benefit 4: The OnFloor Machine is So Easy to Use! (16:00)
  • Benefit 5: When Used with the Vacuum System, There’s No Mess! (22:31)
  • RepcoLite Rental Information: (26:12)
  • Save Money Versus Using Chemical Cleaners (28:37)
  • Best of All, the Machine “Just Works!” (31:31)

Our LadderTalk Interview with Travis McCutchen from OnFloor Technologies!

In the episode we mentioned LadderTalk, a new podcast we started that’s geared specifically towards professional painting contractors. Our first episode involved an interview with Travis McCutchen from OnFloor Technologies and it was so interesting and informative, we figured we’d make it available to anyone looking for more information about this machine and why it’s so valuable. Check it out!


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