Color Me Home Episode 18: Eliminate Mistakes When Buying New Furniture!

In today’s episode, we sit down with Sara Vander Molen from UBU Home Furnishings in the Rivertown Crossings Mall. Sara applies the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions to your home. And Dan makes a terrible, terrible mistake in the very beginning and digs a hole so deep there’s not a ladder big enough for him to crawl out!

Episode Outline

  • Dan’s Terrible, Terrible Mistake (0:27)
  • FIRST RESOLUTION: Lose Weight, Get Healthier (2:06)
  • SECOND RESOLUTION: Get Organized (4:09)
  • THIRD RESOLUTION: Save Money by Avoiding Mistakes! (6:21)
    • Get Help from Experts! (7:13)
    • Measure, Measure, Measure! (8:43)
    • Buy Quality Products (11:01)
  • BUY QUALITY PAINT b (Dan’s Brilliant Paint Tie-In) (12:50)

Contact Info

We were so grateful to Sara Vander Molen from UBU Home Furnishings in the Rivertown Crossings Mall for taking time out of her day to be with us in the studio and share her expertise. Remember, as Sara mentioned, UBU Home Furnishings offers color consulting and design help. It’s free in-store and is available for a nominal hourly fee for in-home consultations.


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  1. What color walls should a very small living room be. I like smoky blue but I was
    told it would be too dark I have white trim around all windows and doors but need
    a fresh look. Please let me know your thoughts.

    • That’s a great question! When it comes to choosing colors for a space in your home, the answer always hinges on a number of things. First, your personal tastes matter a great deal! So, if you like smoky blue, that’s a huge point in its favor. However, we also need to consider (at least to some extent) the room size, lighting, the colors and quantities of furniture, etc. A dark color will definitely make a small room feel even more cozy. If the lighting isn’t the best, it can also start to make it feel uncomfortably dark. If you’ve got a lot of dark furniture, again, the room will start to feel dark very quickly. If you have a lot of lighter furniture and plenty of lighting, a darker color might not be a bad choice even though the room is on the smaller side. A possible compromise is to find that smoky blue tone you like and go just slightly lighter. In a small space, that lighter color might still convey some of the tone you love, but might not be as likely to overwhelm the space.

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