EP123: Importance of Good Design and Water Softeners


Segments 1 & 2: Importance of Good Design

Good design is important not only in our homes, but also in our work places. Good design makes us want to shop at the places we shop and not dread going to work in the morning.

To discuss how important design in, Jennifer Butler and Andy Yates of Jennifer Butler Design in Grand Rapids have dropped in. As always, we had a great time!

Segments 3 & 4: Water Softeners

We’ve probably all had at least one occasion where the water we out in a glass looks or smells funny. And those can be caused by any number of things. The great news is that a water softener can filter out many things AND save us money at the same time.

Tom Duisterhof, VP of Gordon Water Systems in Grand Rapids, walks us through what we need to know about water softeners and how much they’ll improve some of the little things in life.


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