EP163: Deck Coatings, Surprising Warm Colors, Mom and the Mysterious Case of Ghosting

SEGMENT 1: Deck Coatings and Wood Protectors

0:00 – 8:30

There are a lot of deck products out there to choose from and, while it’s a good thing to have some options, sometimes the multitude of offerings can get confusing. We break down a few of the most common on the show today. And if your deck is in good shape, or the wood hasn’t been coated with a semi-transparent or solid color stain, our favorite recommendation is RepcoLite’s Port City Deck and Dock! 

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SEGMENTS 2 & 3: Not Just Oranges and Reds!

8:35 –  32:22

So often we think of warm colors as simply an orange or a red. Maybe a yellow. But in fact, there are a wide range of colors that can be classified as “warm” and which, when used in the right way, will serve to “cozy-up” your space!

Betsy’s Benjamin Moore Color Recommendations:

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SEGMENT 4: Mom and the Mysterious Case of Ghosting

32:25 – 39:55

Ghosting or Thermal Tracking is a relatively common occurrence in the home. In short, it’s the phenomenon that occurs when small amounts of moisture forms on your drywall surface directly over the studs and framing. Dirt and soot and other airborne contaminants collect there and, over time, can result in a shadow effect on your walls.

It’s common, but frustrating. However, when you point it out to your mom on a holiday weekend and get her all riled up about it . . . it moves to a whole new level!

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