EP162: Dirt is the New Prozac, Menswear-Inspired Interiors, Automatic Wire Strippers, Re-opening News!

SEGMENT 1: Is Dirt the New Prozac?

0:00 – 6:58

It’s commonly understood that we often feel better after working in our gardens, but  did you know there’s possibly a scientific reason behind at least part of that reduction in stress? 

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SEGMENT 2: Menswear-Inspired Interiors

6:59 – 18:50

Don’t believe what Pinterest says about “menswear-inspired” interiors. It’s not all about black and other heavy, dark colors. The key to making it work in ANY space is adding the feminine touches to balance the masculine.

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SEGMENT 3: Irwin Vise Grip Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper

19:29 – 29:58

Every now and again we stumble on a tool that really seems to live up to the promise of saving time and just doing a better job than its predecessors. These automatic wire strippers are definitely something you should have in your toolbox!

SEGMENT 4: RepcoLite–Back to Business

30:00 – 39:35

This is one of those “business” segments. But it’s important! We’re happy to finally be opening up again on Saturdays and we want everyone to know how things will be working for the next few weeks.

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