EP166: Deck and Dock On Sale, Dating the Navy Seal Way

SEGMENT 1: Is Beading Water the Best Sign Your Deck Coating is Working?

0:00 – 6:48

There’s a company and a product that’s built around the idea and the image of water beading on a deck after a rain. And yet, surprisingly, those water beads might actually spell trouble for your deck!

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SEGMENTS 2, 3, & 4: Joe Kuhns, Dating Professional

6:49 –  38:58

Well, this is one for the books. We’ve tackled a lot of topics that stray somewhat from the “Home Improvement” theme. But this one, strays a little further than most! But it was such a good conversation, we wanted to air it.

Joe Kuhns from Coverdown Consulting (and retired Navy Seal) sits down with us to talk about some dating questions Dan had regarding his teenagers. And Joe hit it out of the park!

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