EP204: Thank Goodness for Multimeters, Floor Paint, and Tuberculoisis?

SEGMENT 1: Multimeters Are A Must-Have!

We discuss all of the times we wish we could have tested things around the house and car in order to figure out what is going wrong! The drive to the hardware store could be so much less stressful if only we could test batteries, cores, lights, and oven elements ourselves. Hear our case for why multi-meters are a must-have!

SEGMENT 2: Painted Floor Encore

Last week we gave you the rundown on HOW to paint wood floors. This week we dive more deeply into WHY we love this project so much. Now, we know that paint on wood is not for everyone, but there are times when painting a wood floor might be the perfect solution . . . not to mention something tremendously creative. The options are unlimited!

SEGMENT 3: Matching Stain and Expections

We are joined once again by our Jenison Store Manager, Mac Flook. This time, we discuss wood and vinyl flooring trends and what that means for stain matches. There definitely is a science to it. Learn what to consider when choosing wood and how to increase your odds of a good match.

SEGMENT 4: Thank You Tuberculosis?

Modernist design is a polarizing architecture. But the history of the modernist movement might surprise you. We discover that whether we like it or not, there’s a lot to learn from a style many consider “sterile” and “cold.” You may even end up thanking tuberculosis after you take your outdoor living to the next level.

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