EP207: Breaking the Rules with Libraries and Rugs

SEGMENTS 1 & 2: Live in a Library

A few years back, Dan listened to the story of Ronald Clark, a man who actually lived in the NYC Public Library, and how that experience instilled a love for learning. This story has inspired us to rethink how we interact with books in our home. We hope this segment will reinvigorate the concept of personal libraries.

SEGMENTS 3: Defining Your Space

Open concept living is the motto of contemporary design . . . but most of us still have the desire to differentiate the living room from the dining room. Nick Sargent from Johnson Carpet explains how easily this can be done with flooring.

SEGMENT 4: All in the Details

We tell the tale of another West Michigan Gem! Heritage Company Architectural Salvage in Kalamazoo is a warehouse of character. Antique doors, windows, hardware, lights, and anything else you can salvage from a historic home has been dutifully collected. It’s worth a look!

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